Windows 10 continues to rise slowly in market share

It's been a while since I shared desktop monthly share for Operating systems so I feel this is the high time to share one. On the first of each month, many companies release desktop market share for Operating systems worldwide. I find to be the most reliable website that offers the sharing, so let us discuss their stats in detail.

Windows 10

Windows 10, the newest and reportedly called as last Operating system by Microsoft continues to rise since our last analysis. Currently, the OS stands at 34.06 percent of the share, a tiny decline from the last month but still strong. As Windows 7 EOL date nears, Enterprises have started to move to Windows 10. 10% more than what it was in March 2017, so that is a very sharp rise.

Windows 7

The most popular Operating system of Microsoft still tops the list having 41.61 percent of the share despite loosing around 1 percent from Feburary. Now it is to be seen when Windows 10 crosses Windows 7 which entirely depends on users migrating from Windows 7 to 10.

Windows 8.1 and 8

Both of the versions of Windows 8 still hold an 8 percent of share despite Windows 10 is way better than Windows 8.1. Still have a validity of 2023 so it would be a while since the usage share goes negligible.

Windows XP

The most popular OS of Microsoft in 2000s holds 4.70  of the share which is slightly up from last month. These are generally enterprises who haven't moved yet-There are a large number of Enterprises here in India which still use XP.

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