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Repair Install Windows 11 using an ISO file

This article shows how to do a repair install of Windows 11 using an Installation Media that keeps everything and reinstalls Windows to fix issues on the computer.

Windows 11 Desktop

What is a repair install?

A repair install, also known as an in-place upgrade, allows you to reinstall Windows, keeping apps files and settings. It can fix a wide variety of issues, including Windows Update errors, store app issues that include downloads and updates, or unreliable windows like slowness or crashing. A repair install is highly successful in fixing these problems without the hassle of doing a reset that removes your existing applications.

Prerequisites for a repair install

For a repair install, you need to do the following three things:

  1. A windows 11 ISO file, also known as installation media.
  2. A backup of your existing files
  3. A working windows 11 installation that at least boots to the desktop. If your PC is stuck in a boot loop or reboots to safe mode, It won’t work.

A Repair Install affects the following things:

  1. Any windows customization like custom fonts and custom icons would be removed.
  2. All windows updates would be nice to reapply again, but they would be automatically installed before you reach the desktop.

How to repair install Windows 11:

Windows Insider ISO Page – Click 64-bit Download to start the download
Click Install/Open the Mounted file.

These steps can help you run a Repair Install of Windows 11.

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