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Create a Windows 11 USB Flash drive

This guide helps you to create a USB Flash drive to repair Windows 11 by downloading the Official ISO file from the Microsoft Software Download website or the Insider Preview ISO website. Please note that downloading Windows 11 requires a working computer – if your PC is not working, use a working computer that is running Windows Operating System.

How to Create a bootable USB Flash drive for Windows 11

To Create a USB Flash drive to Install or repair Windows 11, use any of the options below:

  1. Use the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft to Create a USB Flash drive of Windows 11(When available).
  2. Download the ISO file from the Windows website, and use Rufus to create a bootable media.

Applies To : Windows 11

Download Installation Media

  1. Go to
  2. Select Windows 11 Build 22000.132.
  3. Select the desired language of the Installation Media.
  4. Click 64-bit download to start the download.

Create a Windows 11 bootable Flash drive using Rufus

After the ISO file is downloaded correctly, you need to burn it to a USB Flash drive, which must be at least the size of 8GB, so that we can start the computer using the same. For that, we can use software like Rufus. The USB media must not have any data is it would be lost when the process is started and the Media is burnt.

The detailed steps are here:

  1. Dowload Rufus from
  2. Open the Software.
  3. Under Boot selection, click the select button.
  4. Select the Windows 11 ISO file from the File Explorer.
  5. Make sure the partition is set as GPT and UEFI, which are a pre-requisite for Windows 11.
  6. Click Start.
  7. Confirm the data loss warning.

These steps can help you create Windows 11 drive for Installation or repair. Let us know in the comments if there is any feedback.

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