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Google comes up with a battery test now, claims more battery life in Windows

A recent blog post from google claims more battery life (around 2 hours) for the same hardware when we compare the current version 53 with version 46 which was released around an year ago.
Chrome 53 brings many improvements over its predecessor

Focus on Speed of browsing

The blog post explains that the Chrome team has a major focus on Speed of opening web pages. The chrome team explains they have made speed around 15 percent faster on both versions-the desktop and Android if we compare Chrome 46.

Battery life improvements

Along with Speed, the focus now shifts to battery life improvements as well. The chrome roughly allows you to watch around 2 hours more of video if the hardware is used according to the following video:
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But the team says not only the battery life improvements for video playback have improved, the improvements have also been done for browsing and other platforms as well:

Of course, people use their browsers for more than just video. That’s why we’ve been improving battery life across the board, tracking progress using power measurement tools. As one example, Chrome for Mac now uses 33 percent less power for everything from videos and images to simple page scrolling. Whether you’re planning a vacation or getting work done, you now get more browsing time from a single battery charge.

Well we cannot compare Edge this time with Chrome 53, but I hope both browsers would improve simultaneously.

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