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Windows 10 edges towards 1/4 market share in December

Netmarketshare, a prominent website that provides market share of different OS, has released the last report of 2016, aka December. Let us see what the shares of December say.

Windows 10

From the previous 2 months, Windows 10 is gaining some percentage specially after decline immediately after the free upgrade offer. This month is no different, as Windows 10 has jumped from 23.72 to 24.36 percent in December. We can expect the OS to have 25% share in a month or two.

Windows 7

Microsoft most popular OS till date-Windows 7 has seen a significant increase of around 1 percent. The OS has a share of 48.34 in December with 47.17 being in November.

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 has lost shares significantly this month, with a share of 6.9 % having 8 percent in November.

Windows XP

Windows XP, too has gained strangely some percentage in December. XP stands now at 9.07% and was 8.63 back in November.
A pie chart that diagrammatically explains is the following:
Credits to Netmarketshare for the stats…

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