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Microsoft launches Windows 10 S, which runs apps only from Windows store

Microsoft had kept an event yesterday in the US to reveal many new things. However the developer confrence is still 10 days away, it could be assumed that Microsoft would be launching some new products in this event.
The same happened and MS has made some announcements yesterday, one of them being launching a new version of Windows 10, called Windows 10 S. For those who don’t follow our blog, I wrote about it some time back here, which was codenamed Windows 10 cloud before. One of the main difference in Windows 10 S is that you cannot run native Win32 apps in this edition, only apps from Windows store can be run on this edition. This provides a greater security, as what Terry Myreson says.
S is basically focused for students in the schools. Teachers or admins can quickly deploy tools to make it ready for classes. “There would be no performance difference as it comes in other editions of Windows as time passes by”, Myreson said. S can be upgraded to Pro through Windows store if one needs to run Win32 apps.
The cost of devices running Windows 10 S would be around 189$ and would be available this summer before starting of the schools. Microsoft is trying to give competition to Chromebooks through this, which is widely used and Chrome OS has a similar features.
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