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Wannacry decryptors available now

WannaCrypt Ransomware attack was one of the largest attacks to cyber world. Although it has stopped now, but the damage incurred to computers is still there. We posted solutions about how to get your PC safe here, which has helped a lot of users. Now, to reverse engineer the process, many security researchers are trying to develop decryptors so that files can be recovered of millions of users.
French security researchers have been successful somewhat as they have developed a decryptor. It cannot be actually called as a decryptor, as it calculates the key required to decrypt the files from the memory itself(No brute force).Adrien Guinet says that this tool works for all OSes except Windows 10. However there is a catch-you must not have restarted your PC after the files have been decrypted as the tool finds the key from the memory itself.
There are currently 2 tools available to decrypt the files, WannaKey and WanaKiwi. Both use similar techniques to decrypt the files.

You can download wannakiwi from here.
You can use this tool on Windows XP as well as Windows 7. Read more about this here.

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