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Dictate, a project from Microsoft Garage lets you type through your voice

Microsoft hasn’t had a proper dictation app for many of its popular softwares that require extensive typing. Though the software giant provides speech recognition, a great app that lets you take exclusive control of your computer through voice. But now Microsoft garage has come up with a solution.
Dictate, a project from Microsoft Garage is a software in the form of an add-in for Microsoft Office suite, that lets you type from your voice. This can be a quite handy tool for those, who have to type a long text like emails, Documents etc. As the words increase, there is a greater chance of errors as well so Dictate can be a great tool for people.

Dictate comes up as an add-in for Microsoft office for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Remember, you need to have Office 2013 or later to use this tool. You can get more information from the following link:

Dictate-Type through voice

You can download the 32 bit add in from here and 64 bit from here. Afterwards, restart your any open office suites and you would get a Dictate tab as shown here:

Dictate supports 20 different languages and offers translations from 60 languages.

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