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Build 16232 and later adds an option to reset password from the lock screen

Microsoft released 16232 two weeks ago to the fast ring insiders and subsequently it was released to Slow ring last Friday. While some of the past three or four builds have been full of new features, fast ring build 16232 introduces a handy feature for those who use MS accounts to sign in to the computer.
If you ever loose your password for sign in, Microsoft after 3 attempts prompts you to reset your password from However, you need another computer to reset your password and make sure the device you are trying to sign in is also connected to the Internet to make the new password work. However, this has changed with the newest build 16232. Going forward from build 16232, Cortana would help you in resetting your password from the lock screen itself. Notice that there is a label named I forgot my password just below the password.
Cortana helps you in the same.

Aftetwards you can reset your password using OTP on your phone or get a link on your email.

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