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Windows 10 S free upgrade offer to Pro extended till March 2018

Windows 10 S, the latest edition of Microsoft Windows was introduced in March this year. For those who don’t know, Windows 10 S is a bit different edition from other different versions of Windows. The feature that differentiates  Windows 10 S from other is that Windows 10 S allows only apps from Windows store to run. No Win32 traditional apps can be run in this Windows edition. This allows a greater degree of security as well.
The software giant understands that still many apps used by day to day users are not available in the store yet, Google chrome the most used browser is the biggest example. Initially Microsoft Introduced Windows 10 S with the newest Surface variant, Surface laptop. Other Education focused devices also ship with Windows 10 S. Microsoft for customers buying their devices introduced an offer that allowed Free upgrade from Windows 10 S to Pro Edition free of cost till December 31 2017.
Now, the latest news from Microsoft says they have increased the duration of the offer and this now ends at March 31st 2018. So it means you can upgrade your system for free till the above mentioned date. To get the upgrade, just download a win32 app and click See how link at the bottom. This should open a new page where upgrade process begins.

Please note that this process is irreversible, so you cannot get Windows 10 S again.
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