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Troubleshoot Getting Windows Insider Preview Builds

Windows Insider Program for Windows 10 allows you to test pre-release Windows 10 Builds and help to shape the future of Windows. This article describes troubleshooting steps for what to do if you cannot get Windows 10 Insider Builds.

Troubleshoot getting Windows Insider Builds

If you are having issues getting Insider Preview Builds below, execute the troubleshooting steps.

  • Delete the SelfHost key and make sure DataCollection key is correctly set
  • Make sure necessary services are running in the Services console.
  • Uninstall any 3rd party Anti-virus programs and disable any network tweaks if applicable like VPN or a Proxy.
  • Use the ISO file of Windows Insider Program if you want Dev Channel Builds

Applies To: Windows 10 Insider Preview

Basic steps

For beginners users who do not have a history of lighting Insider Builds, see the steps below. If you have done the steps below, see the troubleshooting section.

The initial basic step you need to do is, register your Microsoft Account for WIP Program. For this see the steps below:


Click Accept. My Account is already registered hence the option is greyed out.

When done, on your computer, enable Diagnostic data on your machine.

Then enable Insider Preview Builds:


If you have done the steps above and cannot get Insider Builds, the below things may help.

Delete the SelfHost key

The first and foremost step you need to do is deleting the registry entries related to Windows Insider Program in the registry.

Check the Data Collection Registry key settings.

As Windows Insider requires one to send a minimum amount of data for testing purposes, the data collection must be correctly set. If this is a Home PC without a GPO applied by an organization, follow the below steps.

Make sure Windows Insider Services are running:

For Windows Insider Builds, some services are necessary to run.

Uninstall your antivirus Program

For testing purposes, try removing any 3rd party anti-virus programs. Sometimes they can interfere in the process. It is also not a good idea to run 3rd party AVs with Windows updates due to quick code changes that may lead to issues. Use Windows Security instead.

Reset Windows Update

Sometimes Resetting the Windows update client can also help. A script for the same is here.


If you still cannot get Insider Builds, it is worth filing feedback and let Microsoft know. Start a new thread at the official WIP forums for further help.

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