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[22593] New Windows 11 Beta Build adds many missing features in Windows 11

Edit April 7th 2021.

Microsoft released Build 22593 in Beta Channel yesterday. This Build has brought a number of bug fixes and some changes, notably:

Full Changelog here.

The initial release of Windows 11 had many features which were removed by the Windows Team. Consequently, many people avoided the Windows 11 upgrade as many features were very crucial. For example, the Taskbar ones, like Drag&Drop to the Taskbar, etc. As a result, Microsoft is slowly addressing the missing feature problems, and the latest Beta Build 22581 has added a lot of missing features that were missing in the GA release.

List of new features added in Windows 11 Beta Build 22581

In the following list, summarized are the new features added until Build 22581:

Folders in the Start menu

Build 22581 also available in the Dev Channel

Alongside, this Build 22581 is available for both Beta and Dev Channels, so if you want stability and are on Dev, it is a good time to switch to Beta. To conclude, Windows 11 Beta Build has added a lot of good features, which you might be interested in.

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