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Windows 10 claims 19 percent of the OS share in May

It is starting of the month and net Market Share has just released its OS market share report for June 2016. According to the report, Windows 10 now claims 19.14% of the market, and the OS might get a tonne of new users as the free upgrade offer is set to end later this month.Windows 10 had a market share of 17.43% back in May, meaning that the OS gained  1.71% market share in just one month.
Windows 7 is still the leading OS with a market share of 49.05%, which is followed by Windows 10, and then Windows XP with 9.78% share. Windows XP is being followed by Windows 8.1 with 8.01% market share, which seems pretty appropriate.
Whole stats and detailed analysis can be found on 
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