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Complete list of changes coming up with Windows 10 1803 update

Windows 10 version 1803 update is almost near to release. There are a number of changes coming up with version 1803 update, which we are writing below:

Microsoft Edge Improvements

The Built-in browser of  Windows 10 is coming up with many changes which are as under:

  1. You can now mute audio coming from a specific tab.
  2. Edge now has the ability to save free EPUB books.
  3. Edge will now automatically fill out preferred information in the address and related forms.
  4. Fluent Design and acrylic effects.
  5. The book and PDF reader has been updated with a new UI, including new dark and light modes.
  6. Reading progress within books and PDF documents will roam faster across devices.
  7. Websites can now send notifications even if the browser is closed.
  8. New Hub design.
  9. Extensions can be used in Private mode.
  10. Development tools can now be docked Verically.

    Edge Mute Tab option


There are many improvements coming to the Shell which are:

  1. Timeline, a feature that allows you to Sync your work between devices connected to your Microsoft Account.
  2. More Fluent and Acrylic design across elements.
  3. Near Share feature that allows you to share a web page or a link to another device connected.
  4. New Focus Assist feature, which replaces quiet hours.
  5. You can open an app’s setting by right clicking the respective tile in Start menu.


There are a number of changes coming to the Settings app which are as discussed:

  1. Acrylic Design in Settings app that makes Settings app transparent.
  2. New Startup apps area and Keyboard area in Settings.
  3. You can manage Bandwidth for Windows updates in Windows Update Settings.
  4. More control Panel Settings have been moved to Settings like Keyboard, Font, Display etc.
  5. Homegroup has been removed.
  6. Language packs can be downloaded from Microsoft Store.
  7. New options for Password Recovery for Local Accounts.
  8. Windows update would show an icon in the taskbar if there is an update pending.


  1. Fluent design in the Keyboard.
  2. New Gestures while writing with Pen.
  3. Emoji now supports many languages.
  4. Emoji Panel can now add more than one Emoji at once.


  1. Cortana now can create a list that you can sync with other devices.
  2. User’s picture is now shown in Cortana Dashboard.
  3. Improvements to Pickup where you left off.

Cortana new UI

So these are the major changes coming with Windows 10 1803 update. If there are any other, please let me know.

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